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I am an innovative designer with big ideas who specialises in logo design, branding, digital collage and creative thinking. 

hello, I am jen rosie mcdowell.

I am a 21 year old junior graphic designer finishing my final year in Graphic Communications based in Newcastle upon Tyne. 

I look to transform brands by creating strong identities that will help to create effective and unique designs that meet the client's requirements. 

Within my work, I am greatly influenced by the environment, sustainability and my surroundings. I am always looking to see how I can incorporate current issues into my designs. My design work, including digital collage, is also original, experimental and specialising in the simplicity of form.

I am always keen to hear from potential clients and design agencies. Please get in touch for a full CV or contact me direct if you wish to work with me. 


North East Times Magazine

App Design

Logo Design

Packaging Design

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